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Ecru Lining In A Traditional Tent

Ecru Lining In A Traditional Tent

Our traditional style pole tents are ever popular for weddings. The versatility that they offer means they can be fabricated to fit any size garden, whilst creating an atmoshere that is hard to replicate. Once the marquee is in place you have a blank canvas to decorate in whatever theme you choose. Our internal linings are a neutral colour and will fit in with any colour scheme. The side walls can easily be removed, weather permitting, to give you an extended area to make use of. Modern ducted warm air heaters will keep your marquee warm all day long, if the weather is not on your side.

We can offer many options for furniture hire, as well as dancefloors and staging. Lighting and is an integral part of any wedding, and can be used to great effect inside a marquee and the grounds surrounding it. Starcloth is particularly effective when suspended above a dancefloor to emulate the night sky.

Whatever your personal preference, we have a dedicated team to advise you, and help plan a very memorable day.

For more details please call 01256 324434 and ask for Phil.

We now have limewash banqueting chairs in stock. Being a neutral colour,these chairs can fit in with whatever colour scheme you choose for your event. They have padded seats to ensure your comfort, and being lightweight they are easily positioned, or removed as required. For further details of these chairs, and all of our other furniture, please contact Phil on 01256 324434.

                                                               Limewash Chairs

When planning to hire a marquee, it is important to consider your total electrical requirements. These will include demand for lighting and catering, as well as sound and entertainment, and it is important to over-estimate demand so your event can run smoothly, without any interruptions. Different size generators are available for hire, and they all meet stringent standards to ensure the safety of you and your guests.

With some creative project management, lighting can be used to produce some dramatic effects inside and outside a marquee. As well as illuminating essential access areas, your gardens and grounds can be shown off to their full potential, and often look better when lit up at night-time. There are many lighting options for inside the marquee, including chandeliers, uplights and the very popular starcloth which adds the beauty of the nightsky to your event.

Marquee Hire

Caterers are used to being asked what their expected electrical useage is, and will be only too willing to help. Likewise, suppliers of mobile toilet units, discos, and PA systems will all have the information that you need to calculate total demand.

If you have the space and are thinking of entertaining this Christmas, have you considered hiring a marquee.

We are taking bookings for all sizes of structures in December and into the new year, along with all of the extras such as heating and furniture. With our indirect deisel heaters there will be no need to fear the cold, as they provide large volumes of warm air which can be easily controlled by a safety thermostat. Furniture options include 6 foot long trestle tables, and round tables ranging from 3 foot to six foot, to seat up to 12 people. We have a new range of chairs in stock to cater specifically for private functions.

Lighting and Interior linings are also available, as is the Starcloth which can add a sparkle to your event. For more information, or help in organising your event, please call us on 01256 324434.

High Peaked Roofs

High Peaked Roofs

Yet another busy season is underway for our tenting crews, with a number of new names to add to our growing list of satisfied customers. Despite the uncertainty of the weather, there is no shortage of excuses to organise outdoor events from big public shows and festivals to smaller private events.

Our stock levels have increased yet again, to cope with demand and we have added to it with some new ideas, such as the double bay high peaked roofs for our 12 metre frame tents, as shown.

At John M. Carter we supply all sizes of Calor and Campingaz gas bottles at very competitive prices. Whether you require butane or propane, for barbecueing, camping, caravaning, cooking or heating we can cater for your needs. We also offer a local gas delivery service which is free of charge for senior citizens.

In line with our commitment to safe working practices, our senior site foremen are today attending a StructureSafe course hosted on by MUTA . This will help them to brush up on their skills before the onset of another hectic tenting season. The course will also help us to fulfill the obligations set out in our Health and Safety Policy, as well re-assuring our customers that we take their safety very seriously.

Winter Fuels

Winter Fuels

For all lovers of real fires in the Basingstoke area we are now stocking a variety of fuels for the winter. The following wood products are all certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as being responsibly sourced, and with a commitment to sustainability. 5p from the sale of each bag will also be donated to the Woodland Trust.

Calor Firewood is an a quality firewood, ideal for open fires, log burners, chimineas and multi-fuel stoves. Heat logs are compressed sawdust with a very low moisture content. They are produced without additives and give a superior heat and longer burn time. As an aid to starting fires, we can offer 2kg bags of kindling, and boxes of 24 firelighters.

As well as these we also sell 10kg and 20kg bags of coal pellets and smokeless fuel. Both of these are sourced responsibly in the UK, and the smokeless coal has been approved for use in smoke free zones.

Our shop is open from 8.00am until 5.00pm Monday – Friday and 8.00am until 12.00 noon on Saturdays.

For any further information please call us on 01256 324434

Although we hire marquees all year around, the winter time is obviously much quieter for us, and this time is spent on a lot of maintenance work. Traditional canvas tents and frame tent covers are manufactured in our workshop, and all old stock is inspected, repaired where necessary, and updated with a new supply.

Frame tent covers get surprisingly dirty during the summer, but our whole stock is washed using a large industrial cleaning machine. The machine will wash anything up 30m long and 5m wide. It also incorporates a drying system, but to be confident that everything is completely dried, each item is hung up in our drying room overnight before being folded and stored away.

This high quality cleaning is a service that we are pleased to offer to other marquee companies. We can also do your repairs, and this all in one service is proving very popular. Although based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, many of our customers come from much further afield.

Marquee Cleaning Service

Marquee Cleaning Service

John M. Carter Ltd. are pleased to have made and installed some PVC mesh curtains for the new Performance Pavilion in New Milton. This is an exciting new facility that will be providing a covered circular arena for many different cultural events. The mesh curtains, which have been ordered by the New Forest District Council in time for the first performance on July 13th, act as a noise barrier backdrop, as well as a very efficient wind break.

We would like to wish New Milton Council all the best with their new project and hope to attend future events ourselves.

PVC Mesh Curtains for New Forest District Council