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Carters is the main Calor dealer in Basingstoke and stocks all sizes of Calor Gas cylinders including Butane: 4.5kg, 7kg, 15kg, Propane: 3.9kg, 6kg, 13kg, 19kg, 47kg, Patio gas: 5kg, 13kg and Automotive: 12kg, 18kg. We also have Calor 340 cylinders for use with gas torches.  As well as Calor, we stock Campingaz 901, 904 and 907 cylinders and disposable cartridges suitable for most stoves.  We offer a Calor Gas delivery service in Basingstoke and the surrounding area and villages, with a free or discounted service for pensioners.

Our retail outlet supplies Calor Gas heaters for instant heat in the home along with Calor regulators, flexible hose and jubilee clips.

For the summer season we supply a range of camping accessories including a range of light and heavy duty tent pegs, water carriers, kettles, camping stoves, lights and mantles along with Elsan toilet fluid. We supply Fabsil proofing for tents in both paint on or spray on solutions, and stock heavy duty tarpaulins, suitable for use as either groundsheets or coverings. We have a wide variety of ratchet straps, polypropylene and sisal rope and elastic shock cord.

For all lovers of real fires in the Basingstoke area we are now stocking a variety of fuels for the winter. The following wood products are all certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as being responsibly sourced, and with a commitment to sustainability. 5p from the sale of each bag will also be donated to the Woodland Trust.

Calor Firewood is an a quality firewood, ideal for open fires, log burners, chimineas and multi-fuel stoves. As an aid to starting fires, we can offer 2kg bags of kindling, and boxes of 24 firelighters.

As well as these we also sell 10kg and 20kg bags of coal pellets and smokeless fuel. Both of these are sourced responsibly in the UK, and the smokeless coal has been approved for use in smoke free zones.

Hours of Opening…

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm
Saturday 8am – 12noon
Sunday Closed

We take payment by Cash, Credit/Debit Card or Cheque.

  • Calor Super Heat

    Calor Super Heat

  • Winter Fuels

    Winter Fuels

  • Calor Super Mini Heat

    Calor Super Mini Heat

  • 5 kg and 13 kg Patio Gas

    5 kg and 13 kg Patio Gas

  • Propane Gas

    Propane Gas

  • Fork Lift Gas

    Fork Lift Gas

  • Change-over Valve

    Change-over Valve

  • Camping Gaz

    Camping Gaz

  • 3.9 kg Propane

    3.9 kg Propane

  • 4.5 kg Butane

    4.5 kg Butane

  • 6 kg Propane

    6 kg Propane

  • 7 kg Butane

    7 kg Butane

  • 15 kg Butane

    15 kg Butane

  • Calor Gas Deliveries

    Calor Gas Deliveries

  • Camping Supplies

    Camping Supplies

  • Gas Compound

    Gas Compound

  • John M Carter Ltd Shop

    John M Carter Ltd Shop

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