Marquees can be used for any outdoor event, whether it is to provide protection from the elements, or simply to create a particular environment.

A phone call, or e-mail to us is all that is needed to set the ball in motion. Our Contracts Manager Mr Phil Heather is available to answer any queries with regard to marquee hire, and can take over the whole process of planning the event and bringing together the many components of a successful event. We understand the importance of relieving you of the stress, and time commitment involved, and we make it our priority to provide an efficient and friendly service. Once it is decided that a marquee is required Phil will arrange a site visit, and advise on the options for the size and type of marquee.

Traditional Pole Tents

Carters have been making and hiring pole tents for many years, and our reputation speaks for itself, with many customers coming back to us year after year. Pole tents are held up with ropes that are secured to pins, which are driven into the ground. This kind of tent is favoured by a lot of people, especially for weddings to give an authentic traditional feel to the occasion. Other examples of their use is for garden parties, village shows and agricultural shows. The internal upright poles can be used to hang flowers and other decorations, as well as lighting. As we stock many sizes of these canvas tents, from 8 foot square cottage tents to 50 foot wide marquees there is always something to suit your needs.

Frame Tents

These more modern marquees are also known as temporary structures, or clear span structures due to the lack of internal supports. As they also lack external ropes and pins, they do optimise use of the available space. These tents generally come in 3 or 5 metre sections and we offer up to 25m (82 feet) wide. Favoured for temporary storage facilities they can also be erected on hard standing sites. Another option with structures is to have an integral flooring system which can be levelled off to provide a completely flat surface.

Ancillary Items

Whichever type of tent you choose the accessories that go with it are the same. We recognise that each event is individual, and we will endeavour to meet your requirements to the best of our abilities.

Internal Dressings

The style and colour scheme inside a marquee go a long way in creating the desired atmosphere for the event. We offer a large selection of coloured drapes and valances, and also starcloth which is covered in small LED lights to re-create the night sky.

We have a range of floorings and floor coverings for you to choose from, including carpet that can be incorporated into your colour scheme. Very often coconut matting is the preferred option in traditional tents.

We will assess your electrical needs, and advise on the supply needed to provide for all lighting, heating, entertaining and catering demands, and organise a generator if necessary.

We also have an extensive range of furniture for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as dance floor and staging.

External accessories

Even the most drab of surroundings can be transformed with carefully positioned lighting. Spotlights and garden lanterns can really add atmosphere to an event. We can also arrange for portable toilets to be delivered and, if necessary, serviced during the event.

Marquee Sizing and Furniture

To help you plan the size of marquee required for the number of guests, this chart shows approximate guidelines for a variety of uses. As well as the size of marquee, the location and time of year are also taken into consideration.

Traditional Marquee Clearspan Structure Number of Guests
(with centre poles and guy ropes) (no centre poles or guy ropes) Dinner/Dance (tables, chairs & dance floor) Stand up Buffet Chairs only (theatre style)
50ft x 32ft 15m x 9m 100 175 260
60ft x 32ft
18m x 9m 120 210 320
60ft x 40ft 18m x 12m 150 260 400
80ft x 40ft 25m x 12m 200 350 530
100ft x 40ft 30m x 12m 250 440 660
80ft x 50ft 25m x 15m 250 440 660
100ft x 50ft 30m x 15m 300 530 830
120ft x 50ft 35m x 15m 375 660 1000

Round tables for seating guests range from 3ft to 6ft in diameter and 6ft trestle tables allow for food and drink to be served. Gilt banqueting chairs, dance floor, staging and garment rails are just some of the items that can be readily supplied.

Lining, drapes, valances, interior and exterior lighting, matting and flooring allow the marquee to be dressed to suit individual tastes.

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