Celebrating 150 Years

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150 Years Logo150 years ago the very first traffic signals in the world were used in Parliament Square to allow MP’s to cross the road safely, without getting knocked down by passing horses. That very same year saw the beginnings of John M. Carter Ltd. A company that has gone from strength to strength, and continues to thrive in the marquee hire business, as well as manufacturing of canvas and PVC products. Originally set up to supply local farmers with rope, horse tack, nose bags and reins, it has expanded to it’s present premises of over 30,000 sq. ft., housing an extensive range of marquees, furniture and ancillary stock.
The company is still a family run business, with present Managing Director, Peter Hallows, being the Great-Great Grandson of John Morton Carter, the founder.
A special logo has been created to help celebrate this special milestone and events planned later in the year.

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