Electrical Requirements for a Marquee

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When planning to hire a marquee, it is important to consider your total electrical requirements. These will include demand for lighting and catering, as well as sound and entertainment, and it is important to over-estimate demand so your event can run smoothly, without any interruptions. Different size generators are available for hire, and they all meet stringent standards to ensure the safety of you and your guests.

With some creative project management, lighting can be used to produce some dramatic effects inside and outside a marquee. As well as illuminating essential access areas, your gardens and grounds can be shown off to their full potential, and often look better when lit up at night-time. There are many lighting options for inside the marquee, including chandeliers, uplights and the very popular starcloth which adds the beauty of the nightsky to your event.

Marquee Hire

Caterers are used to being asked what their expected electrical useage is, and will be only too willing to help. Likewise, suppliers of mobile toilet units, discos, and PA systems will all have the information that you need to calculate total demand.

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